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Expansion in the Mission

Hello Friends of Expansion!

I am so excited to share with you what God is doing at the Expansion Network. We are supporting the expansion of the gospel in the Area A of the LCMS West Texas. And let me tell you, the Lord has been showing us He is before us on this.

For the last six months, we have been doing missions in Hereford, Texas. Our base has been Immanuel Lutheran Church in partnership with Area A District Mission Strategist Rev. Lincon Guerra; Rev. Joe Andrajack; from Prince of Peace Amarillo Texas; Evangelist Beth Lauterbach; Rev. Brian Shane and his wife Dahlia Shane from St. Paul Canyon Texas; Rev. Eric Hiner from Hope Lubbock Texas; and Rev. Rodrigo Fernandez from LINC Houston. We remodeled part of Immanuel Lutheran church in Hereford where we are going to launch our first West Texas church plant. Church planter Arturo Garcia, Vicar Jaime Durkin from Expansion Network and I have been actively building relationships with the community of Hereford, and let me tell you that the Lord has opened the doors to do ministry at Blue Water apartments where we have been connecting with their residents for the past six months. Every two months, we are holding community events such as Backpack Rally last August. In addition, on October the 27th we will have a Fall Celebration, and for the month of December we are planning to have the first Hereford Posada at Immanuel Lutheran Church.

We really need you to partner with us. How? By Praying for divine encounters with people who thirst for God. By supporting us financially, we will be traveling to West Texas often to find more places to plant missions. The Holy Spirit is leading us to continue reaching out to communities with the gospel of salvation by Grace Alone, Faith Alone in Christ Alone.

The gospel of Mathew says in chapter 28:19,20 “go and make disciples to all nations and teach them what I have told you.” At Expansion Network, we believe in this commission, but we can’t do it alone. That’s why we invite you to partner with us, because together, we can share the gospel and plant churches where the Lord takes us.

I will keep updating you on what the Holy Spirit continues to do in Hereford.

In Christ,

Jaime Gonzalez

Executive Director

Expansion Mission Network


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