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EXPANSION Mission Network

Church Planting Organization


Expansion Mission Network

Church Plant

Expansion Comunidad Cristiana LCMS

OSLC Rockwall, TX

  • Launched March 2017

Esmirna Comunidad Cristiana LCMS

Zion Lutheran Church | Dallas, TX

  • Launched June 2020

Lugar de Su Gracia Comunidad Cristiana LCMS

Duncanville, TX

  • Launched October 2021

Gracias De Dios Comunidad Cristiana LCM

Ennis, TX

  • Launched September 2022

Elevate Comunidad Cristiana LCMS

Tree of Life | Garland, TX

  • Launched August 2020

Bethel Comunidad Cristiana LCMS

Bethel Lutheran Church | Dallas, TX

  • Launched March 2021

Comunidad Cristiana POP

Prince of Peace Lutheran | Carrollton,TX 

  • Launched May 2023

Expansion Comunidad Cristiana LCMS

Our Savior Lutheran Church | Mckinney, TX

  • Under Pre-launch

“Go into all the world and expand

the Good News to everyone.”

Mark 16:15

Support Our Organization

Perhaps you don't speak the language or don't have the time to join us,  

but you can still be our partner praying and/or supporting us financially. 

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